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 »Estimating Flight Characteristics of Anomalous Unidentified Aerial Vehicles« written by Kevin H. Knuth, Robert M. Powell and Peter A. Reali

 and interviews made with:

 Kevin Day by Scientific Coalition for UAP studies,

 David Fravor by Joe Rogan,

 Chad Underwood



  For several days before main incident on 14 November 2004, USS Princeton were detecting UFOs appearing on radar at about 80,000+ feet altitude to the north of U.S. Navy’s Carrier Strike Group Eleven in the vicinity of Santa Catalina and San Clemente Islands. Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) radar systems had detected the UFOs in low Earth orbit before they dropped down to 80,000 feet.


 Senior Chief Operations Specialist Kevin Day (RADAR) was on board Princeton. He had very extensive experience with the SPY-1 phase shifting radar at the time.


- Kevin Day : «They (UFOs) came in groups. They came over the course of 3, 4 days and they would come out. I would find that I see a group of 8, and I would come back later and there would be a group of 14, and then I would come back later and there would be a group of 20, and then I would come back later and there would be a group of 17. And...whether they were all the same aircrafts (objects) or different ones on different days and different times...but all together, if i had to count them all up it was probably more than 50 (objects)...«





14 November 2004


  On that day the U.S. Navy’s Carrier Strike Group Eleven (CSG 11) included the USS Nimitz nuclear aircraft carrier and guided missile cruiser USS Princeton as air defense protection for the strike group. USS Higgins Navy destroyer, USS Chaffee (not verified) and USS Louisville submarine were also present.

 They were conducting training exercises about 100 miles off the coast of San Diego, Southern California. In this kind of exercises, simulation of attack is conducted by jet fighters which are send from the coast.

 K. Day was tracking UFOs on SPY-1 Delta radar and confirmed in his interviews that Nimitz Carrier also tracked them. The objects, called AAVs or Anomalous Aerial Vehicles would arrive in groups of 10 to 20 and subsequently drop down to 28,000 feet.

 Then  UFOs would drop from 28,000 feet to sea level (estimated to be 50 feet), or under the surface, in 0.78 s.


-Kevin Day: »This things droped straight out of the sky, went down into the ocean...I started screaming, you know..everybody on the radio were screaming...cause it was extremly bizarre, I have never seen anything like this.«


 As the aircrafts were launched the pilots were confused while about 14 objects shot from surface of the water/ or from the water to their previous altittudes, according to Day.

 Scientific Coalition for UFO Studies (SCU) report points out that the UFOs  have reached a maximum speed of about 46000 mph ( Mach 60 or 73000 km/h) during the descent. For comparison, efficient Boeing 747 cruise speed is Mach 0.84 to 0.88 or 1000 to 1080 km/h.

 Because UFOs were entering the training area, they had been a safety hazard to the upcoming exercise.

 The training exercise was delayed and two fighter aircrafts F/A-18F Super Hornets, piloted by Commander Fravor and Lautenant Commander Dietrich, were directed to intercept nearest UFO at a distance of 60 miles and an altitude of 20,000 feet. Both Fravor and Dietrich were Top Gun school graduates and pilots of VFA-41 squadron known as »Black Aces«.

 Fravor and his WSO (weapons system operator) noticed a disturbance in the water (white water), where it appeared as if there was a large object, downed aircraft, 10 to 15 feet below the surface.

 As they observed the water disturbance from 20,000 ft, all four pilots ( two F-18 pilots and two of their weapons system operators) spotted a white UFO, shaped like a Tic--Tac candy, that was moving erratically back and forth, almost like a bouncing ping-pong ball making instantaneous changes in direction without changing speed.


-David Fravor: « ...What we see is that white, Tic-Tac looking object just above the surface of the water pointing North-South and it is going North-South-East-West, and its just radically moving forward- back- left- right at will, and its moving around the disturbance (in the water), the white water that we see.«


  Tic- Tac UFO was estimated to be about the size of an F-18 with no apparent flight surfaces or means of propulsion and exhaust.

 Cmdr. Fravor started to descend and circle the area so he could get a better look at the object. His wingman (Dietrich) kept high cover.The UFO started to imitate Fravors moves and rose to meet him. The F-18 and the UFO circled one another. Fravor performed a maneuver, he cut across the circle to get closer (from 8  to 2 o clock) when the Tic-Tac UFO accelerated heading south at incredible speed, like it was »shot from a rifle« and dissapeared.


-David Fravor: « ...So I said, I am gonna go and check it out. Thats what we are trained to do. The other pilot says: »Hey i am gonna stay up here« and I am like- thats perfect, so now we are gonna get some separation. (If) We get some separation we will get it from different views and the other plane has kind of a gods view going on when I go check this thing out. So I start driving around and IT is still doing its forward- back- left-right, it is still pointing North-South...We get to about 12o clock position and I am just in nice easy descent, the reason why- cause I have been asked alot »could you go more agressive?«- you can, but when you go over the water, the water looks the same at 20000 feet as it does at 2000 feet, you can easily put yourself in unrecoverable position if you dont pay any attention and you go under the water. So I get this nice easy descent, I get to about 12o clock and as  I am coming down, you know, I can guess at about 18000 feet, couple thousand feet below the other plane (other F-18), the Tic-Tac just kind of rapidly goes and turns East- West and now it mirrors us. So it is above the surface, we are up high, we are coming down and it (object) starts coming up...this is getting interesting (thinks to himself...). So we are kind of driving all along the circle- I am decending, it is coming up- and I get to about 8o clock position and it is about at 2o clock position. Well the quickest way, as we know as kids, to get someone, you know... (if) you keep going on around the circle nothing is gonna happen, you gotta cross the I am about, I dont know, probably about 2 to 3 thousand feet above it and I just kind of drop my nose aggresively, and I cut across the circle and its coming this way (directly F-18s way). Cause I am trying to fly toward (where) it is gonna be, cause I want to join on it, I wanna see how close I can get to it. And as I am pulling up it is kind of starting to cross my nose and starts to accelerate and within about less than a second, as I start to pull nose on to it, and it crosses wright in front of me... and just goes puff and its gone.«


 Because they did not see the Tic- Tac anymore Fravor decided to check previously seen water disturbance. The water was now still and nothing was there.

 Because they were low on the fuel, airplanes started to return to their CAP point of which location was a secret- coordinates were predetermined (said K. Day).

 On their way back, they received a call from the Princeton that the Tic-Tac UFO was waiting precisely at their CAP point, 40 miles south of the Nimitz ship. The Tic-Tac object moved 60 miles in about 30-40 sec. (Luis Elizondo said 60 miles in 5-6 seconds), according to Fravor (approx. 1.5 to 2 mp/s).


  Upon returning to the Nimitz, Cmdr. Fravor requested that a crew equipped with the ATFLIR pod (Foward looking infra red camera) obtain videos of the Tic-Tac UFO, because Fravors and Dietrichs aircrafts were not equipped with IR cameras. Two F/A-18Fs were launched under the guidance of an E-2 Hawkeye airborne radar plane.

  One plane headed south toward the CAP point area where the UFO was last seen on radar.

This F-18 aircraft was piloted by another Top Gun schooled Black Ace- Lautenant Commander Chad Underwood. His aircraft picked up a contact 33 miles to the south on the Range-While-Search (RWS) scan. He managed to film the UFO using the ATFLIR system (forward looking infra red camera) and that video  was later released to the public as the Nimitz video or FLIR video.


-Chad Underwood: » Once I got the FLIR locked- thats not an aircraft- aircraft had a very very specific signatures that show up on your FLIR pod. You cannot mistake it, wehether its a 737, another F-18 or an enemy aircraft. There are features from that IR pod that identify it as an aircraft. At this point I am ruling out what I know that its not. I am looking at it with essentially a 6.000.000 dollar camera, an infra-red camera. That is not a conventional aircraft of U.S. military, its not a civilian airliner, its certainly not a bird, its not a helicopter, not pretty much (everything) seen either on the surface or in the air. I have seen pretty much what things are and what things are not. I am close enough to the object that i should be able even to tell whether its a millitary aircraft versus civillian aircraft...«


  Lt. Cmdr. Underwood said that the object had no wings, or exhaust. Unusual things started to happen to F-18s sensor data:


» As soon as I got that lock (on the object) the tracks just started doing all sorts of this little things that are not normal. The »heading« was erratic, it should be able to tell me your air speed and also your Mach number so it should say like 0.8 Mach for example (980 km/h)... so 80 percent of speed of sound, it should say that. It was jumping all over the place it was like (Mach speed)- 0.8, 0.4, 0.2, 0.1, 0.9! is just like my radar cant hack it.«


 Underwood explained that his instruments showed him that he was »jammed«. He afterwards tried to »catch« the object with all possible FLIR mods and zooms, so he would had collect as much data as he could for later investigation. FLIR pod had not been jammed and had showed that the object altittude and air speed levels were not changing as if the object was hovering at the same spot. FLIR video shows object eventually accelerated to the left and dissapeared.


  Chad Underwoods explains this part of the video:

 » When the aircraft (UFO) zipps to the left and you see the two bars on either side of the Tic-Tac, you will see that it will try to, like reacquire. When you see the two bars, like widen, its like its trying to open up his eyes wider to find you again  to get back to auto-track, by that point the Tic-Tac is already way of to the left side out of my scope and basically its gone.«


  Interesting facts

*Chad Underwood said that the flying object he saw was not a secret  U.S. military craft, because he would have been briefed on that matter as it happened in the past (but he most probably would not be briefed if it would be black budget USAP program...)

*Next morning, day after the incidents occurred, Kevin Day returned to Princeton to make »action report«. Ships data that is usually recorded on optical disks went missing.

*There are more and more military personel testifying being present at Nimitz events


  Research paper »Estimating Flight Characteristics of Anomalous Unidentified Aerial Vehicles« among many other things states:


»The fact that these UFOs display no flight surfaces or apparent propulsion mechanisms, and do not produce sonic booms or excessive heat that would be released given the hundreds of GigaWatts of power that we expect should be involved, strongly suggests that these anomalous craft are taking advantage of technology, engineering, or physics that we are unfamiliar with.«


 Many researchers of the 20th century UFO phenomenon, the enormous amount of testimonies of pilots and various military personnel of various ranks and various functions, and many such and other eyewitnesses, various radar surveillance of unidentified objects have proven that cases similar to those that happened to the US Navy in November 2004, date back at least to the 1940s.

 Everything from the famous Mantell case in January 1948, where a pilot died chasing enormous oval-disc object, or Gorman's case in October of that year, where a pilot was threatened with a court-martial if would not change his testimony of his experience, to Phoenix lights in March 1997, where a military jet was sent into the air to check what hundreds of people were reporting, according to the pilot- of extremely large object, which he could not see the end from either the left or the right (according to P. Davenport). Such incidents have been going on hidden from the public eye to this day.

The fact that quite a number of similar cases, as described above, have come out to public from military personnel from almost all continents, raises the question ... how many military cases does the public not know about? 1000? 10000 or even much more?

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