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A new world is coming - for those of us who are ready to embrace it. Exopolitics Slovenia joins the global debate on the hypothesis of extraterrestrial civilisations and their discrete presence on Earth and what this means for humanity. We want to contribute to building a more credible picture of reality and, on that basis, to find the best options for the realisation of the desired future of Slovenia and the world to which we belong.Our guest, investigative journalist Paola Leopizzi Harris, has been following this field for decades. Also Slovenian public knows her for her many video appearances and for stressing the importance of personal experiencewith the wider reality, which includes unknown vessels in our skies, encounters with their crews and other unusual contacts with intelligences from other worlds.In her research work, Paola Leopizzi Harris has collaborated and continues to collaborate with many well-known people, including astrophysicist Dr. Allen Hynek, Colonel Phillip Corso, astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, psychiatrist Dr. John E. Mack and, more recently, astronomer and computer scientist Dr. Jacques Vallée, and the Peruvian researcher Ricardo González, known as a writer and successful organizer of pre-arranged meetings of the third kind with Extraterrestrials.Paola Leopizzi Harris's work also focuses on efforts to make ufology and exopolitics to become academic disciplines, and to promote international dialogue and open debate on the world's data collected in the world. She focuses on the study of human consciousness, which is rapidly evolving and thus increasingly accepting the existence of other worlds and wider realities, enabling us to make more sense of to place ourselves more meaningfully in our own domestic world.

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